Must Read Blogs and Op-Eds — April 25, 2009

Why does the Pakistani Government continue to prop up the Taliban?  According to the NY Times in a recent editorial,  “Hawkish leaders in the army remains to focused on a perceived thread from India and not jihadist along the Western border of Afghanistan.”   Richard Engel, in an easy to understand interview with Rachel Maddow […]

Clinton Reaches Out To Foreign Leaders

(Defend Your Vote US Headquarters in New York)  Taking the bull by the horns Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began to reach out to world leaders to restablish diplomatic ties with countires often ignored by the Bush Administration.  According to CNN the calls were introductory as the Obama Administraiton reviews policy. Former Secretary of State Madeleine […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 21

The US economy is in free fall, and what is on the lips of the punditocracy — You Betcha – Hillary Rodham Clinton.  With Sarah Palin off witnessing the prepping of turkey’s for Thanksgiving, the real turkeys are once again back to their female target of choice.  Nobody seems to remember Keith Olbermann declaring Clinton […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 20

Whether its the auto bailout or Hillary Clinton, the Op-Ed pages are filled with pundit wisdom and sometimes unwisdom.   After listening to MSNBC, you start to wonder if the programmers there will have anything nice to ever say about Hillary Clinton (pregnant pause) — ever!  From Chris Matthews, to David Schuester, to Arianna Huffington (hosting […]