Election 2010 Live Blogging #election2010 #tcot #p2

One of the most important duties of a citizen of a democratic society is to vote.  On November 2, 2010 the midterm elections (in the United States) will decide the course the country will move in.   Will we continue to chart a course with the Democrats in charge for another two years?  Will the […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are the Democrats really going to be brutalized on November 2, 2010 or is this a ratings grabbing news sweep?   This is a question that many people ask because it is difficult to completely understand how so many people would want to return to the policies of the previous Presidential administration.  David Kuhn (who I disagree […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Eds — January 11, 2010

Health Care is the lead in most opinion pieces over the weekend. Is it going to cost to much? Who politically is going to win? Are the Democrats in an unavoidable catastrophic situation? Are the Republicans going to win big in 2010 because of the Democrats failure to do anything about “insurance costs”? The point […]

Is the Democratic Party Demise a Media Myth?

The blood sport known as congressional elections rolls around in 2010, and already the mainstream media establishment is sizing up the landscape to decide how to market, promote, and seize ratings as the calendar pushes towards November. How much is hype and media spin and what is reality? Chris Cilizza wrote an interesting piece for […]