Must Read Op-Ed’s — December 13, 2008

Opinion pieces today are flooded with the Senate Republicans rejection of the automobile bailout.  In what appears to be a partisan witch hunt against Labor Unions, there is the ignored reality that millions of people will lose their jobs.  This could come as early as Christmas.  It appears that the only hope for automobile manufactoring […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — December 3, 2008

It is now official the United States is in a recession.  However, opinion pages have yet to comment on the official state of the bludgeoned economy.   Instead, much of the focus remains on the low drums of war as President Bush sends Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to India to ease tensions with Pakistan.   Elsewhere, […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 28, 2008

It’s Black Friday!   As shoppers venture out today to find the early deals on Christmas merchandise, many of them might realize that the dollar is not stretching as far as it did last year.   This has put the fear in the hearts of merchants, and worse if estimated Black Friday sales come out negative, we […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 24, 2008

As the world (and Wall Street) watch breathlessly to see the pieces of Obama’s financial team, the punditocracy is only concerned about one thing — Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I am sure you guessed it if you have watched any of the talk shows.   Many progressives fear her nomination as Secretary of State, like it is […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 12, 2008

There are certain things that make me stop and pause especially when the spiritual is blended with the political.   This weekend a friend of mine told me that one of her friends believed that Barack Obama was the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.   So, what does a girl do?  She turns to the “google”.   To my […]