Palin joins FOX

This is the one story that could remove Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) from the headlines.   It is being reported by the NY Times that former Governor Sarah Palin has signed a multi year contract with Fox News.  Palin will appear as a contributor to its already existing programming, and will occasionally host specials for the network. […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Eds — April 25, 2009

Why does the Pakistani Government continue to prop up the Taliban?  According to the NY Times in a recent editorial,  “Hawkish leaders in the army remains to focused on a perceived thread from India and not jihadist along the Western border of Afghanistan.”   Richard Engel, in an easy to understand interview with Rachel Maddow […]

Clinton Promises Womens Rights Focus as Sec of State

Nicholas Kristof has written a series of articles on the atrocities of women throughout the world.   Whether it be acid attacks on young women in Pakistan, teenage sex trafficing in Cambodia, or other sundry abuses in Afghanastan (equal pay for women in America should be included in this list, but I am hopeful that the Obama […]