Is a reconciliation showdown ahead??

The current talk on the wire is that a reconciliation showdown is looming ahead. What will this mean for the vote and what will the spin train drop off at the door? Washington (CNN) — With the health care summit showing no sign of getting either side to budge, lawmakers are staking out positions in […]

Scott Brown (R-MA) Wins US Senate Seat

What agenda is the main stream media selling?   It is becoming increasingly irritating that most of the MSM is selling a “republican” come back as the reason why Scott Brown won the election.  The best article I could find that reflects what I feel really happened was reported by the Huffington Post. The Huffington […]

Senate Committe Votes on Health Care #healthcare

I think that Senator Snowe is right in her concerns about health care fees. Listening to Morning Joe this morning, I heard that insurance companies plan to increase fees on existing customers as much as 110% over the next 5 years.  There has to be something that solves this problem before it happens. — AC […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s June 4, 2009

What do the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Tehran’s sponsorship of holocost skeptics, the 2004 tsunami, and the World Trade Center attack all have in common?   These are all conspiracy theories that a majority of Muslims believe about US and Western Policies.   Jacob Bronsther writes an incredible piece for the “Christian Science […]