Must Read Blogs and Op-Eds — March 27, 2010 #tcot #hcr #dadt

I was not alive in 1963 when President Kennedy was shot down in Dallas, TX, nor was I alive in 1968 when both Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy were killed.   If I was, I am sure that the time period before the Brothers Kennedy and Dr. King  were killed was very similar […]

Top Stories — June 9, 2009

Afternoon Update: As the world awaits an answer to whether North Korea will test another long range missile, two American Journalists lives remain in limbo after being sentenced for 12 years in North Korean prisons.  On Tuesday Afternoon, the Associated Press is reporting that Laura Ling and Euna Lee will most likely not see the […]

Must Read Blog’s and Op-Ed’s — June 09, 2009

Quite frankly, I am dismayed.   There are so many issues that Opinion writers could be writing about!   Health care reform?   The War In Iraq (is that over because I hardly see anything written about it anymore), the Financial Crisis?  They simply are not interested!   They are interested in, quite shockingly, is […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — May 8, 2009

Calls for legislation to repeal the Clinton Administrations enactment of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” begins to hit the pages and screens of new media.   Since ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” was made part of the US Law over 12, 500 members of the armed forces that have been “fired” for being openly gay. The latest […]