Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 19, 2010 #tcot #p2 #teaparty

Is the love affair with President Barack Obama truly over?   It is if you read Ted Rall’s latest opinion piece!  Rall writes one of the most scathing critiques of the first two years of the Obama administration, which would be standard if he was a Republican — but Rall is one of the nations […]

Must Read Op-Eds and Blogs — October 9, 2010 #tcot #p2

I have been a Democrat since I registered to vote in 1991.  However, in July of 2010, I switched my affiliation to Independent after the Congress and the President (who formed a unprecedented super majority) failed to pass any true progressive legislation.  So, I am rather amazed when I read an opinion piece like,  “Which […]

Change You Can Believe In? #election2010 #tcot #progressive

There is a rip in the force when Sen Jim DeMint (R, SC) and liberal Markos Moulitsas from Daily Kos agree on the results of an election.  Both of these men believe that one thing is clear from the results of Tuesday evening — establishment power is losing the control it once had over the […]

Obama to make 15 recess appointments

It was announced Saturday that President Obama will make 15 recess appointments to 15 nominees who are still awaiting confirmation by the Senate. “The United States Senate has the responsibility to approve or disapprove of my nominees,” Obama said in a written statement The appointments will be going out to the following people. – Source […]

Say It Ain’t So, Blago!

As if being on a reality show was not enough, Blago has to comment on Senator Reid’s gafee? From AP: CHICAGO – Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said Monday that it was stupid for him to tell Esquire magazine that he’s “blacker than Barack Obama” and that he doesn’t believe it anyway. In an interview […]

Democrats vow to ban domestic violence as ‘pre-existing condition’

This is perhaps one of the more disturbing accounts of the abuse that the Health Care companies do to their paying clients. In what civilised world can women be treated in such a way that, not only do they suffer abuse, but are then stricken from their healthcare fund due to someone abusing them and […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-ed’s — September 23, 2009

The week begins exactly where last week came to an end — the financial crisis.  Barack Obama is set to take the stage on Tuesday evening giving a Press Conference regarding the current financial meltdown that will air in primetime.   Jonathon Capehart, in a curiously on the point op-ed states,  “Obama must teach the […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — March 5, 2008

I have never understood the American peoples obsession (or the media for that matter) with Rush Limbaugh.   He is a self confessed prescription drug addict that avoid prosecution.   He has been the spokesperson for a very dead conservative movement, and he is just not really all that intelligent.  Does the GOP not have […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Eds — Feb 28, 2009

What a wild week!  I must state I have been reading some tweets from Karl Rove, and just wondering why he simply does not get it.   Let-me-explain-it-so-you-understand-it-Karl — the American people no longer wish to run the country the way they did 8 years ago.  The republicans were defeated.  Gone!  Finished!  The minor party, and if […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — February 15, 2009

Have the Democrats just lost their mind and drunk so much of the Obama kool-aid that they cannot even see the power of politics played against them?   Why are Senators Snowe, Collins, and Spectre the new national media darlings because they went to the other side of the aisle and voted with the Democrats […]

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