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As the world watches Egypt erupt in turmoil, there are several stories that are not being told.   The most important one is that there is an Egypt lurking in the shadows of every nation.  Now, simple minded and the arrogant alike think that this is not possible in the Western World — but I beg to differ that it is!   It might be advantageous for us as voters, and as a country to look at the deep underpinnings of the Egyptian crisis and note the similarities.

For years, Egypt has suffered through very high unemployment rates, which has made life a “literal” hell for its citizens.   For years, many have been virtually under employed and living day by day.   For the last 3 years (and possibly longer), in the United States unemployment has been above 9%.  The stinging defeat of the Democrats in November, was partially because the Democratic leadership did not seem to address the unemployment issue in a more timely manner.   This came only 2 years after the voting public kicked out the Republican leadership for basically the same thing!   In many other Western Countries including Canada, England, and Italy unemployment numbers are climbing, yet the quality of its governmental leadership seems to be declining.

At the same time, voters are turning to other resources to “vent” and “discuss” their frustrations.  Twitter and Facebook have become mainstays of popular communication.  Virtually any subject including unemployment and other political hot button issues can be discussed by the masses.   What would happen in one of the Western Countries if 10% of active Twitter uses began to rise up and demand change?   What would happen if the same happened on Facebook?   Let’s not forget the social oriented blogs such as Daily Caller and Huffington Post, which combine news and political content with a very well oiled social media machine!  In essence, a western revolution is occurring, yet done so in status updates and tweets.

Each time we go into a voting box, we vote to create a better world for ourselves and those we love.   If our leaders are not doing the jobs they were elected to do, we must put party lines and partisan politics aside.  We must replace each and every politician until they realize that their job is the will of their constituency.  Until then, we are in our own Egypt, and we must break free!

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