Must Read Op-Ed’s — December 15, 2010 #tcot #p2 #opinions

Elspeth Reeve writes a great op-ed breaking down the current conditions of Congress.   I find it rather alarming and I am dumbfounded that the members of Congress are not taking a good look at these numbers.   According to the Gallop Poll, Congress has an 83% disapproval rating.   This means that only 17% of the country approves of the policies and legislation that Congress is currently taking.

So, I am watching C-Span right now, and the debate over repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.   The conversation is very alarming, and I wonder whether or not these congressman even know what they are saying.  Rep Boyer (R-IN) is comparing gays in the military to obese people, and believes that the military has restrictions for a reason.   Is this the “medical” definition of the past declaring homosexuality a “mental disorder”.   Clearly, he has not checked the latest version of the DSM.

While listening to members blathering on and on (blah blah blah) and pontificating on their belief systems, I realized that the problem is that Congress is not in touch with the fabric of American lives.   They seem to be very isolated in their beliefs and their opinions, which leads me to think that they are either not listening to their constituencies or they simply do not care.  Elected officials are elected to vote the will of their constituency!   So, I am really not bothered when someone in a very deeply conservative area votes conservative — its an honest vote, but what I do take aim at is those that are voting for purposes other than their constituency.   Simply put, we put you in Congress to vote our minds, our opinions, and our hearts — leave yours at the door!

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