Must Read Op-Eds and Blogs — October 9, 2010 #tcot #p2

I have been a Democrat since I registered to vote in 1991.  However, in July of 2010, I switched my affiliation to Independent after the Congress and the President (who formed a unprecedented super majority) failed to pass any true progressive legislation.  So, I am rather amazed when I read an opinion piece like,  “Which Obama Will Emerge After the Storm,”  by David Kuhn and Real Clear Politics.

The majority of the article focuses on Bill Clinton’s return to the center (citing failed healthcare and gays in the military) after losing the house in 1994.   Although not expressed, Kuhn infers that Obama has catered to the left (ala Bill Clinton) during the first two years of his presidency.  What I would like to know is where?   Obama has had his own issues with healthcare and gays in the military (ala Bill Clinton), but the striking difference is that Obama has always CAVED to his Republican opponents.  He caved with the public option, and the gays are still ‘forced into silence’ in the military.   So, what exactly has he done or accomplished that has been liberal?   Offshore Drilling?   Wall-street Reform?  Stimulus? Education reform?  Energy Reform?

I agree with Kuhn on his general assessment of Obama.  Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?   Who is he?  Have we ever really known or is he simply a narcissistic projection of our own desire for change?  Kahn states:

It’s the practical move. Congress will be more polarized next cycle. Obama will need Republicans to win legislation. It’s the ideal time to bridge red and blue America. Partisanship can become his antagonist. But will this president choose issues that transcend partisan fault lines?

The danger of Obama defining himself at this point is that it will alienate much of his voting block.   Agreeing with Kahn once again, I do believe that he must win back the Independents to win re-election, but will it be at the cost of losing much of his progressive base?   Will he count on “progressives” having nowhere else to go, and the continued fear of a President Palin or President Romney be what keeps progressives in line?

When we wake up from the ever intoxicating elixir of political rhetoric the only “change you can believe in” is the faces of the politicians that promise change.


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