Must Read Blog’s and Op-Ed’s — June 16, 2009

Will Twitter bring Cable News back to the table?  As I stated yesterday in my news segment, the weekend featured traditional TV Fail from MSNBC, CNN, and FOX.   RE-returns galore and MSNBC’s fixation with prisons and incest ruled the news airwaves.  Meanwhile on the Internet, the protests over the Iranian election was spread far and wide through the use of Twitter, Youtube, and other high tech gadgetthingamajigimys.

Are we beginning to see a vast change in the way media is being delivered?   A defender of CNN on #iranelection (twitter) stated that cable news could not really deliver information effectively because of the lack of video.  I think this is a complete cop-out.   A few years ago, I was watching coverage of Hurricane Katrina with Simon and Margaret Orr the weather caster was practically doing the weather in the dark with whatever information she could gather.  What happened to an anchor reading what was happening on the ground by reading news briefs or updated information from the AP?   In this case, could the use of Twitter and other social networking sites have been a beneficial use of the webgeekytools?

Hopefully Rachel Maddow, our geek chief extrodinaire, will bring some MSNBC camera crews home with her this weekend, so we can have full coverage live from the Maddow residence.

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    Afghanistans selection commission has ordered a runoff election championing Nov. 7 after a fraud review dropped President Hamid Karzai’s votes below 50 percent of the total.


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