Must Read Blogs and Op-Eds — April 25, 2009

Why does the Pakistani Government continue to prop up the Taliban?  According to the NY Times in a recent editorial,  “Hawkish leaders in the army remains to focused on a perceived thread from India and not jihadist along the Western border of Afghanistan.”   Richard Engel, in an easy to understand interview with Rachel Maddow describes how the Taliban has broken its agreement with Pakistan and begun to invade an area that is 65 miles from Islamabad called Buner.  

After 9/11 the Taliban has moved deeper and deeper in Pakistan, of which the Pakistani government has alllowed the Taliban to control these mountainous areas.   These areas have been virtually ignored by the US Government, and the troops currently in Afghanastan.  So, in essence, the Bush Administration by proxy has propped up the Taliban rather than limit their activities since they decided to invade Iraq.  Hopefully, President Obama can develop a clearer strategy in this area including listening to the comments of his Secretary of State, whom has described the Taliban as a “existential threat” to Pakistan.   Continuing to allow the Taliban control over these areas could reinforce an Al-Qaeda threat which could present a future problem to the United States.

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