Must Read Op-Ed’s — January 7, 2008

As Barack Obama rides down Pennsylvania Avenue to have lunch with the remaining living Presidents of the United States, the rest of the media continues to be obsessed over Senators, Senator-Elects, and Senator Wanna-Be’s from various states across the country.   Whether it be Burris, Frankin, or Kennedy the media is focused — almost to the point of obsession — on whether or not these Senators should be seated.   Meanwhile, the Rachel Maddow show reported that Diane Feinstein had serious issues with Panetta being designated for the CIA.   I’ve never cared for Feinstein.   I mean I guess we all should use a little “wiggle” room when it comes to torture?   In that case, I need to go to my High School reunion to apply some of these techniques.  I guess decimating Prada bags cant be all that bad.


Obama’s Kitchen Sink Economics — Christian Science Monitor

Kennedy Is Interesting, You Know — Jack Kelly

The Pros and Cons of Picking Penetta — Jack Kelly

Sweet on Caroline — Maureen Dowd

What About Minnesota — Washington Post


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