Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 10, 2008

Reading the Op-Ed’s I found that there is very little interest in discussing the issues, as the earthquake known as Barack Obama still remains on the fingertips of opinion writers everywhere.   To see conservatives wax endlessly about the historic event of an Obama Presidency, while they are all in the backrooms of their local churches and gun shops disjointed over Sarah Palin and John McCain losing the election has been quite amusing.  Hopefully with the retail sales for October coming out this week, we will begin to see how the economy continues to hold while lower than average estimates are expected.  Finally, Rich Lowry writes an op-ed regarding the implosion of the right wing and their desperate need to move to the center if they plan to win any future elections.   Hopefully this week more information will come out about transition and our current economic crisis.

Court Ruling:  Count Al Franken’s Votes — The Nation

Dem Gains In Congress Bring Responsibility — Reid Wilson

Franklin Delano Obama — Paul Krugman

The Right Needs To Get Centered — Rich Lowry

The Children Are Watching — Peggy Noonan

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