Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 3, 2008

The funeral precession towards John McCain’s corpse is inked all over the web.  Hilary Rosen provides a precise commentary regarding how John McCain found himself in this position.  Our question still remains,  “Can McCain pull this off,”.   I am not as optimistic as many of the liberal/left wing pundits are appearing this weekend and today.  However, I must disagree wtih Peter Beinart’s belief that America has turned on Sarah Palin.   This reminds me of everyone declaring that America has never been in the same boat as Hillary Clinton, yet she received more votes in the primary than Barack Obama.   I do not feel that Sarah Palin is over, and I feel that she will be back.  On a more positive note though, our national nightmare is soon to be over.  1 More Day! 

The Dr. Maddow Show — Jessica Pressler

May 13, 2006 — The Day That John McCain Lost the Election — Hilary Rosen

The Republican Rump — Paul Krugman

Why America Turned On Palin — Peter Beinart

Black Angst — Jonathon Capehart

How Smart Is the American Voter — Larry M. Bartels

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