Must Read Op-Ed’s – October 30, 2008

Did you see Barack Obama’s infomerical last night?    All those amber waves of grain?   The opinion pages are covered with what could be called the “coronation” of Barack Obama as the President of the United States.   However, I am starting to get a strange feeling that we have been down this road before.  Could John McCain actually pull this off?   The polls, although tightening, suggest that he will not.  However, I included an opinion piece by Karl Rove (who I have enormous disdain for) to remind the American people how the past two elections have resulted in both a controversial and a close decision.   The facts are clear:  YOU MUST VOTE!    VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!  Did I say vote?  OH GO VOTE!  VOTE!   MOVE IT!  GET THE LED OUT!  VOTE!   5 Days and Counting!

White House or Bust:   What’s in Store For The Loser? — Politico

Is Barack Obama Really A Socialist?  — Christian Science Monitor

The First Rule of Re-Election Is Not To Think About Re-Election — Ted Rall

Don’t Let The Polls Affect Your Vote — Karl Rove

The Success of Early Voting — NY TIMES

What We’ve Learned About John McCain — David Broder

Which Way Will the Secret Bush Voter Go?  — Joan Vennochi

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