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As we know now Scott Brown is the winner of the MA election to fill Senator Kennedy’s seat.   I will be running more commentary throughout the day to show just how the media is portraying this.   Here at Defend Your Vote — we are concerned with the issues of the people and whether or not politicians are providing all their constituents there best.

1/20/10  2:39 PM — Interview on Morning Joe with David Gregory who believes that the election was about “incumbency” and not about Democrats or Republicans.    Wonder if any of the pols will actually listen!

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This election Massachusetts will decide who will take over Former Senator Kennedy’s seat in the US Senate.    This is a national election, and in many ways the voices of the anger towards the current conditions of the country (high unemployment, government bailouts, higher taxes) are being expressed with a surprise surge from Republican Scott Brown.  Many are angered over current health care legislation from the White House.  Could we see an upset victory or will Coackley squeak out a winner?

1/19/10 9:47 PMMSNBC announces that Scott Brown is the Winner of the Senate Seat held by Senator Edward Kennedy until he passed away in August 2009.   This win eliminates the filibuster proof majority in the US Senate.

1/19/10 9:44 PM  Norah O’Donnell of MSNBC during the Rachel Maddow Show reported that Coakley was on vacation in the Caribbean from December 19 – January 6.  — Talk about FAIL?

1/19/10 8:53 PM 40% of the Precincts reporting Brown is ahead of Coakley 52.6% to 46.6%

1/19/10 8:17 PM With 7% of the Precincts reporting Brown is ahead of Coakley.

1/19/10 6:07 PM — Great Piece from Dylan Ratigan’s show, which I feel really addresses the issues of this election, and the election in the fall.   Establishment Fail!

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1/19/10 3:10 PM  I am wondering if the Weather will reduce the suburban vote in Mass., which according to Chuck Todd would hurt Scott Brown who is dependent on the suburbs to put him over the top.

1/19/10 3:08 PM Chris Cillizza reports on what to watch in Mass.

1/19/10 3:02 PM Huffington Post is opining that the problem with the Coakley campaign is really an issue of entitlement and not one about health care — despite what the main stream media’s narrative is.

1/19/10 2:34 PM Reuters discusses Democrats exploring health care options without Coakley.

1/19/10 12:21 PM  NYT reports that the disaffection of voters towards the establishment may lead to a Democrat Loss in Mass.

1/19/10 12:11 PM MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell is reporting that voters outside Boston are going to the polls in larger numbers than the ones in Boston — this would be good news for Republican Scott Brown.

1/19/10 2:31 PM George Stephanopolis on ABC calls a Coakley Defeat the “upset of his lifetime”.

1/19/10 12:10 PM — MSNBC’s First Read is reporting that one of the problems of the Coakley campaign is that it went dark for 10 days when the interest in the election was just picking up.

1/19/10 8:57 AM — Reuters is reporting that if the GOP win the Senate Race in Mass that health insurance stock is expected to rise.

1/19/2010  Rachel Maddow discusses the Mass race along with Brown being a “bastarder?”


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  1. harley davidson says:

    We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.


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