Must Read Op-Eds — April 2, 2010

What in the world is happening with Donald Trump?   Is he really throwing his hat in the ring to run for the Presidency on the Republican Ticket or is he simply trying to boost the ratings of his show,  “Celebrity Apprentice”?   Nobody seems to have an answer to that. However, what they do […]

Must Read Op-Eds — February 6, 2010 #tcot #p2 #opinion

As the world watches Egypt erupt in turmoil, there are several stories that are not being told.   The most important one is that there is an Egypt lurking in the shadows of every nation.  Now, simple minded and the arrogant alike think that this is not possible in the Western World — but I […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — December 15, 2010 #tcot #p2 #opinions

Elspeth Reeve writes a great op-ed breaking down the current conditions of Congress.   I find it rather alarming and I am dumbfounded that the members of Congress are not taking a good look at these numbers.   According to the Gallop Poll, Congress has an 83% disapproval rating.   This means that only 17% […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 19, 2010 #tcot #p2 #teaparty

Is the love affair with President Barack Obama truly over?   It is if you read Ted Rall’s latest opinion piece!  Rall writes one of the most scathing critiques of the first two years of the Obama administration, which would be standard if he was a Republican — but Rall is one of the nations […]

Must Read Op-Ed’s — November 7, 2010 #tcot #p2

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming… Oh, how we quickly forget!  Just three days after one of the craziest elections in modern history, we have moved away from the issues of the people once again and back to the game.   What is the game?   At this point, I do not think even Democrats or Republicans […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — October 27, 2010 #p2 #tcot

I am often disturbed by pieces that opinion writers publish.   At times, I even wonder whether or not they are being paid by political parties, political groups, or politicians themselves because the ideas they express are just “bad sh$t crazy”.   In today’s opinion pieces, Susan Estrich writes about why Harry Reid should win […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are the Democrats really going to be brutalized on November 2, 2010 or is this a ratings grabbing news sweep?   This is a question that many people ask because it is difficult to completely understand how so many people would want to return to the policies of the previous Presidential administration.  David Kuhn (who I disagree […]

Must Read Op-Eds and Blogs — October 9, 2010 #tcot #p2

I have been a Democrat since I registered to vote in 1991.  However, in July of 2010, I switched my affiliation to Independent after the Congress and the President (who formed a unprecedented super majority) failed to pass any true progressive legislation.  So, I am rather amazed when I read an opinion piece like,  “Which […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — April 14, 2010

Something is brewing!   It is hard to tell what it is, but something is definitely brewing.   Based upon early estimates the Democratic Party will most likely lose several seats in the House and Senate during the mid-term elections.    There is an enormous amount of visible angst from both the left and right […]

Must Read Blogs and Op-Ed’s — March 2, 2010

Has technology ruined the political debate?  Richard Reeves wrote a great Op-Ed regarding the “new” behavior of Washington Politicians in a world of blackberries, twitteratti, and nonstop news coverage.   Reeves theorizes that Democrats and Republicans no longer spend anytime together, which prevents any type of bipartisanship to occur.  Instead they receive their talking points […]

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